Withdraw Your Signature

Reject “Recall Shasta”

Recall Shasta has tried to mislead residents into thinking they were supporting the Gavin Newsom Recall and used many other false statements to get signatures for their effort.

Make sure your signature isn’t used to Recall our conservative local elected officials! It takes one minute and can be returned electronically.

Not sure if you signed? Sign and return the withdrawal anyway!

Here's How:

1. Select Which Petition You May Have Signed. Not Sure Which District You Live In? Click Here and look up your address.

2. Use only Black or Blue ink and print neatly. Your Name, Address and Signature MUST MATCH your voter registration information.

3. Complete the form and you can take a photo with your phone and email it to the County Registrar, or mail it in to them at the address on the form.

Download Your Withdraw Form