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Community News

Allegations of fraud: Shasta County DA forwards recall investigation to secretary of state

The Shasta County District Attorney’s Office has forwarded to the California Secretary of State’s Office its findings into allegations of fraud related to signature gathering during the recall effort of three county supervisors. 

Carlos Zapata Receives Long-Anticipated Temporary Restraining Order

Zapata gets served restraining order that he has been evading 9 separate occasions for more than a month.

Shasta County Supervisors Recall: Opponents raise questions about signatures

A review of the signatures and the printed address information appears to show some addresses and names written in the same handwriting.

DA Investigation Completed, Findings to Secretary of Stat

“On Monday June 7th, my office concluded our initial factual investigation of allegations of fraud related to the gathering of signatures and filing of notices of intent to recall members of the board of supervisors. These findings have now been referred to the Secretary of State.”

Recall Petition Forms Deemed OK, Yet Sketchy Signatures Abound: See For Yourself

Summary of mishandled recall signatures

The Cost of a Recall Election in Shasta County

The county’s registrar of voters says a special election could cost Shasta County up to $640,000.

Here's what happened when Shasta County supervisors tried to rein in behavior at meetings

Trying to rein in public behavior at its meeting, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to set some rules dealing with decorum and conduct. The new rules on meeting decorum attempt to limit how members of the audience can display signs in the boardroom, where the media and others could set up while filming the meetings and how visitors could cheer on speakers.

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