Facts & Myths About The Recall

FACT: “Recall Shasta” and its allies are attempting to Recall conservative County officials in Shasta County. It has nothing to do with Gavin Newsom.

This recall has no impact on Gavin Newsom and would be held in an entirely separate election. Shasta County won’t get the best of Sacramento by tearing down local officials with conservative values.

FACT: Groups pushing the Recall are under investigation for fraud as well as for up to a dozen violations of state campaign ethics laws.

There is an active investigation into groups and individuals pushing the Recall regarding fraud and/or forged petition signatures. The Shasta County District Attorney looked into this and forwarded information to the California Secretary of State. If these allegations are proven true, it would directly violate state law and has potential to carry criminal penalties for those involved. 

This is in addition to the active investigations at the state Fair Political Practices Commission (FPCC) into a dozen different violations of state campaign ethics laws. These violations range from campaign money laundering under Title 9 Section 84302 of California law, as well as failure to disclose the donors pushing these efforts and other serious violations of both state law and the public trust. 

It is shocking that a group who claims to stand for our constitution may have engaged in any kind of signature fraud right here in Shasta County. It is also highly distressing that various Recall groups continue to campaign and fundraise without disclosing who is paying for their effort – and where that money is going. 

These investigations are ongoing, and we hope the Secretary of State and FPPC will bring them to a speedy conclusion for the benefit of our voters and our community. 

FACT: A Recall election could cost Shasta County Taxpayers up to $640,000

The estimated cost for a special stand-alone election to recall local supervisors is $640,000 according to the County Clerk and Registrar of Voters.  (Record Searchlight)

This would be a tragic and foolish use of money, as our county faces drought and wildfire season, and needs to support local businesses emerging form the pandemic. Two of the targeted supervisors we re-elected just last year – at the height of the pandemic! The third Supervisor is due to face re-election in less than a year, and just months after the recall would take place.