Support Our County Supervisors & the future of Shasta County

Shasta County Supervisors have been targeted for Recall by a small group. Shasta Forward was created to support our County Supervisors Rickert, Chimenti and Moty and prevent the recall efforts.

The Recall Would Cost Shasta County as Much as $400,000

A recall election would cost the County up to $400,000. That is taxpayer money that would otherwise go to essential services. That would be a misuse of funds, when two Supervisors were re-elected just last year, and the other is up for re-election in a matter of months.

Voters Just Re-elected Two of These Supervisors

Supervisors Moty and Rickert were re-elected just last year, at the height of the pandemic. Voters knew the issues then and re-elected them for another four years.

Supervisor Joe Chimenti is scheduled to run again in 2022. If the recall did proceed, it would be less than a year before voters would decide on his re-election anyway.

How You Can Help

Say NO to anyone pushing a petition for the Recall
Sign Up to Stand with Our Supervisors
Donate to fight this wasteful effort

Donations can also be sent to:
Shasta Forward
215 Lake Blvd #577
Redding, CA 96003

Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes.   State law requires us to collect and report the name, street address, employer and occupation for all donors who aggregate $100 or more.